Blue Berry Fruit Production

The blue berry fruit is produced on bushes which can grow upto 2m in height. If maintained properly the bushes can produce fruit upto 15-20 years. The blue berry bushes bear fruit on one-year-old branches. Therefore, it is necessary to prune the old wood, diseased and damaged branches for good fruit quality. The bushes are mostly pruned during early spring.

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The blue berry plants require acidic and aerated soils for optimum growth. The good water supply and light conditions are mandatory for excellent quality.

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The blue berry fruit is produced on clusters which have different maturity / ripening times depending upon the variety and weather conditions. In general fruit ripening period varies from mid-June to end of September. The fruits are picked several times during the fruit harvesting period.

The fruits are picked by our fruit picking staff. They are trained especially for hygiene and fruit quality management during fruit picking.

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The hygiene and fruit quality standards are strictly monitored during the harvesting period by fruit picking quality management system. The food safety and optimum quality standards are assured by regular quality checks.

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The harvester is used for the mechanical harvesting of blue berries. It is a shaker which shakes the berries and they are collected at the bottom in plastic bins. The harvested fruit is transferred by farm transport to main fruit sorting and packing hall.

At the main sorting and packing hall the fruit is sorted. The unripe, diseased and damaged fruits are discarded. After fruit sorting, the fruits are packed into different boxes according to their destination.

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The packed fruits are either sold at our automatic shop or send to customers / marketers directly.

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