Nursery / Plant Production

The blue berry plants are propagated by soft wood and hard wood cuttings. The soft wood cuttings are prepared by cutting the tips of current year growth during the early summer. The first spring flushes are mostly used for this purpose. The hard wood cuttings are prepared in march-april at the end of dormant season. The size of cuttings generally varies from 4-6 inches.

Baumschule / Pflanzenproduktion 1

The soft and hard wood cuttings are placed in the greenhouse for a period of one year.

Baumschule / Pflanzenproduktion 2

After one year, the less vigorous, poorly growing and un-sprouted cuttings are discarded.

Baumschule / Pflanzenproduktion 3

The 1.5-2 year old plants (cuttings) are transferred to big pots.

Baumschule / Pflanzenproduktion 4

The plants (cuttings) are transferred to green house. The growth is promoted inside the green house due to comparatively higher temperature than outside environment.

Baumschule / Pflanzenproduktion 5

The 2-3 year old plants (cuttings) are acclimatized. The excessive moisture loss is avoided by using the mulch. The 3-5 year old plants are sold to customers. Recently we are propagating following varieties i.e. Duke, Blue Crop, Elizabeth. The Legacy and Draper from Michigan State University. The other varieties are only propagated by advance booking.

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